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Bespoke Design: A Case Study

Bespoke designs are our speciality here at Woods Jewellers. With an onsite workshop and team of specialists what we love most is creating something totally unique for our customers.

This year one of our clients wanted two pendants created, one for herself and one her daughter. She wanted a more classic design for herself, but something more contemporary for her daughter. Most importantly she wanted to use her sentimental gold and gemstones to create the designs, and so they were completely handmade onsite by our very talented senior goldsmith Matt.

Here is what we had to work with:

At first our client wasn't sure if she wanted to create two or three pendants due to the quantity of gemstones and metal that she had available to use. She was also unsure if she wanted to include a large square Amber stone that she had.

During the initial design consultation we looked over many design styles and discussed how the overall design could work. after a short while our customer found a style that she and her daughter would like, a classic oval for herself and a modern linear bubble for her daughter.

With that in mind we were then able to offer several options. At this time our customer was leaning more towards having three pendants made, and so to begin with we distributed the stones into three groups, and created both a linear and oval option for each.

Our client decided against the use of the square amber, which left us with a number of Amethysts, Rubies and Diamonds. After a discussion with her daughter they came to realise that she preferred the Rubies, and her daughter preferred Amethysts. And so we separated the stones into their gemstone groups and re-adjusted the digital sketch stone layouts to suit. She also decided just to have the two pendants made.

There were still a large amount of gemstones for only two pendants, and our customer was unsure if she wanted to include them all - or save some for a future project.

On our second design consultation we enhanced the oval design, adding some extra features, swapping out the bezel settings for claw and grain set stones, and discussed adding a stone set stirrup to the top.

We then produced a number of further 2D digital sketches showing how the design would work using varying amounts of the available Rubies and Diamonds.

The Amethyst pendant seemed to lend itself to the amount of stones available to it, so it was just a case of deciding how the stones should be laid out.

From here our client narrowed down the design options, which meant we could then create some 3D rendered images:

Once a final design had been selected for each pendant our Senior Goldsmith Matt set to work, melting down all of the gold, un-setting the stones, creating settings individual to each stone - entirely hand-crafting each pendant from start to finish.

We filmed this amazing process and managed to condense the hours of work down into a 2.5 minute video.

Here it is below, subscribe to see more of our bespoke creations and transformations from old to new.

Here are the finished pendants, we were absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and so was our customer!

If you're thinking of having a bespoke piece made, or would like to transform some family heirlooms into something you would wear everyday then contact our designer who would be very happy to start this exciting process with you!

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