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Our Bespoke Design Service FAQs

The Bespoke Design Service at Woods Jewellers is so important to us, and to help you understand it little better, we've drafted up this handy FAQ sheet.

How much is the Design Fee?

Our Design Fee is currently set at £50.00*.

What does the Design Fee get you?

We work on a case by case basis, however 4 designs usually covers the first draft of designs. After you've seen your first set of designs, we hone in on certain aspects of your chosen direction. Meticulously making amendments (if needed) until we end up with the perfect design. We use a specialist CAD software allowing you to see 3D images of your design throughout the process.

Design consultations can be done in person or via email/telephone.

Is the Design Fee taken off the final bill?

The design fee is separate to the final quote for your design. The Design Fee is for the work our designer puts in before we've even proceeded on a final design. It also covers our designer's fee if the unlikely happens and the design doesn't come to fruition.

What makes bespoke, bespoke?

The beauty of bespoke is ensuring the design is perfect for you. In recent years bespoke jewellery has increased in popularity, mainly because everybody's desires are different. Having something unique and special to you can really make the difference. Especially when re-working your old stones, we create unique mounts and settings tailored to exactly fit.

We never use pre-made mounts!

Who works on my design?

It's truly a team effort! With our in-house workshop, it means we have on-site Designers, Goldsmiths and a Gemmologist. Specialists in every department to ensure you get the best out of the process.

Can I recycle my old gold?

Yes, however it is dependent on the design. When recycling old gold, we can only offer you a handmade design. Even then, it's incredibly labour intensive, although the end results can be absolutely amazing. See our YouTube for an example.

If using your old gold is not possible as part of your new design we do offer to buy gold or part exchange.

Can I use my old stones from another ring?

We will always ask you to bring in the ring so we can examine the stones and check they will survive the work. At Woods Jewellers, we'll always try to give you the best options available whilst being honest about what is achievable.

Do I get anything free?

Most bespoke items get a free Valuation for Insurance.**

If you have any more questions, please pop in and speak to a Designer or fill out our contact page here.


The Design Team

*At the time this post was written 26/01/22, the fee is subject to inflation changes in the future.
. **At the time this post was written 26/01/22 and is subject to change.

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