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Our Collection

In-House Manufacturing

Here at Woods we're proud to say that we manufacture our own jewellery. You can find all of these items within our Gold Window, and our favourite pieces within our Showcase. All of these items are designed and hand-finished on-site.

This means that our items are unique to us and you won't find them anywhere else, so if you're looking for that something special - look no further!

Our Designs

We have an in-house design team, two Goldsmiths and a gemmologist who work closely together to create stunning designs.

You can see some of our collection here on our website by clicking the Collection or Ring Styles tabs above. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg... We have many more in stock and in our window right now!

Here's a handful of our products, scroll through by clicking the arrow to the right:

Customising Designs

Here in store we have a display box of beautiful silver masters, these are hand picked by our Senior Goldsmith and are our favourite designs and creations to date.

These allow our customers to see, feel and try on designs in real life. All of these items are fully customisable - meaning that you can choose your own stones, metal and finger size. If you would like to see an image of how your selection will look (or maybe you would like to see a few options) we also have the ability to offer a rendered life like image of your chosen design. In some instances our gemmologist can also source a selection of loose stones for you to see, if you are unsure of size, colour and clarity.

We also have a variety of handmade bangles which can be custom made in any metal, size and thickness, along with pendants, bracelets earrings and more!

Packaging & Gift Wrap

Your item will be displayed in a beautiful presentation box and bag, and to make your purchase feel extra special we also offer a free gift wrapping service on all purchases!


We offer a fantastic aftercare service with your first clean and polish free of charge, in some cases you may also qualify for a free insurance valuation of your item.

Purchasing from a bespoke independent jewellers such as ourselves, means that you will receive a face to face individual service, tailored to your needs. All of our staff are trained and experienced in the industry, while our consultation desk and booked appointment service ensures that we can offer a one-on-one personal shopping experience.

Online Jewellery vs Independent High Street Shop

Often we have customers who have purchased jewellery online - and it is not what they expected! Jewellery is exceptionally hard to photograph, especially in such a way that the proportions are clear, and gemstones are their actual colour.

Possibly the main attraction of jewellery shopping online, is that people often consider it to be "cheaper" however, there's usually a reason for that! One example is that "cheaper" rings are often hollowed out to save weight and cut costs, this means they can never be re-sized and are considerably more fragile than a non-hollowed out ring. This is something we never do (with the exception of a particularly heavy design that would be uncomfortable to wear otherwise).

Something else to consider is that often to create "cheaper" jewellery, companies mass produce their items on a production line, making it far less personal, special and unique. All of our designs are hand finished here on-site, and never made in bulk.

Lastly, when buying online there's often no aftercare service and no one to speak to face-to-face.

One of the biggest benefits of our high street shop is that you can physically come in, see, try on and talk to us about our designs

- they are tangible.

Why not pop in today? Or hit the button below to start an enquiry!

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