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Our Helpful Pearl Guide

Here are some our favourite helpful tips for protecting your pearls from our very own pearl specialist Charlie!

Tip 01

Apply hairsprays and perfumes at least 30 minutes before putting on your pearls.

Why? Pearls are delicate organic gemstones that are vulnerable to many chemicals.

Tip 02

Clean with a soft damp cloth, warm water and no detergents.

Why? Soaking the pearls or using detergents can damage the silk the pearls are strung upon.

Tip 03

Store your pearls in individual boxes or compartments.

Why? Pearls can be easily scratched by other pieces of jewellery.

Tip 04

Store your pearls in a cool environment.

Why? They can dry out and crack in warm temperatures.

Please Note: Stringing on new and re-strung pearls & beads are only guaranteed for 6 months.

For any more information please contact our resident Gemmologist and Stringer Charlie:

0208 660 9069

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