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Pearl & Bead Stringing

Here at woods one of the many services we offer is re-stringing of your pearls and beads.

Charlie (among many other things!) is our resident stringer, and with over 10 years’ experience you can rest assured that your pearls and beads are in good hands.

If your necklace or bracelet is looking tired, stretched, damaged or broken, pop it into us and we can make it look brand new again!

Not only does Charlie re-string old rows …she also creates brand new ones. She can re-design your existing rows into something new, you can find lots of inspiration around the shop as most of our pearls and beads were hand selected and strung by Charlie herself.

She can source certain types, colours, shapes and sizes of Pearls and different gemstone beads such as Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye, Amethyst and Sapphire just to name a few. We can also hand craft pendants and charms to adorn your beads, along with sourcing (or creating) the perfect clasp to finish the job!

She also creates bespoke pieces to match outfits, for special events such as weddings.

Here is our current price list:*

Start prices include necklaces up to 24”, for anything longer it’s approximately £1 extra per inch.

Simulated / Plastic

· Plain: £20 +

· Plain Graduated: £22+

· Knotted Uniform: £24 +

· Knotted Graduated: £31+


· Plain: £25 +

· Plain Graduated: £26 +

· Knotted Uniform: £31 +

· Knotted Graduated: £36 +

Seed Pearl

· Restring Plain: £32 +

· Restring Knotted: £42+


· Plain: £19 +

· Knotted: £26 +

· Elastic: £19 +

Over 32" and fancy design price on request

*(Prices are accurate when posted 13/07/22. Prices are subject to change. Prices may vary dependent on the complexity of the job, please call or pop into to if you’d like to confirm)

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