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Here at Woods one of the many services we provide are valuations for Insurance and Probate.

All valuations are carried out on-site by Charlie Parkin FGA, who has 20 years’ experience in the jewellery industry.

Insurance Valuations

All items are thoroughly inspected and documented, each item will first be steam cleaned, then looked at under the microscope. Charlie then writes a detailed description of the items including the design, gemstone and metal specifics. The item is then valued at a new replacement value and photographed. Finally the entire document is printed off and placed within a presentation folder.

Detailed Itemising of jewellery on your home insurance means that if anything was to be lost or stolen you have a concise document proving the validity and value of the item. It also means should you wish to replace an item like for like we would have all of the relevant details to source, or even bespokely create it for you.

Valuations for insurance are currently priced at:

- First Item: £75*

o Subsequent Items: £35 each*

- Valuation update: £35**

o Subsequent Items: £15 each**

Probate Valuations

For probate valuations the Items are simply listed at their base value.

Valuations for probate are currently priced at:

- First Item: £30*

o Subsequent items: £5 each*

For more information please do give us a call, email or pop in.

0208 660 9069

*All prices as of 08/08/22 and are subject to change, please contact us for latest pricing information.

** Valuation update prices are valid for items which are already detailed on our computer system. We will still need to see all items to ensure that they are still in the same condition as previously stated.

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