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Our Ring Sizing Guide & FAQs

Here at Woods Jewellers we are able to carry out a large array of repairs in our on-site workshop, including the re-sizing of rings.

Here are some of the most common factors, and frequently asked questions that affect the pricing and practicality of re-sizing rings;

Width of your ring

  • The wider the band the more metal we will need to add when increasing the size. this means that generally speaking wider bands will cost more to size increase than narrower ones.

  • Wider bands will usually feel tighter on your finger too. This means a wider band will often need to be a larger size than a narrower one, even if they are being sized for the same finger.

Full Eternity Rings

  • Unfortunately, full eternity rings cannot usually be re-sized. So always bear that in mind if you're ever buying one or having one made. The reason for this is as the stones go all the way around the finger, so to increase or decrease the size it would change the angle of all the other stones, causing them to unset.

  • However, we can re-make your eternity ring in the correct size using your exisiting stones.

What finger size am I?

  • Pop in to have your finger measured accurately, we have a variety of ring sizers in different widths, weights and profiles that will mean we can get your size spot on.

  • Fingers can often fluctuate between hot and cold tempretures, so sometimes it's worth wearing a ring for a while and experiencing different climates. Sometimes a half size can just be the difference between being hot or cold.

How much will it cost?

  • We will always provide you an estimate free of charge before completing any work. As we are lucky enough to have two on-site Goldsmiths, this can often be on the spot - unless the job is more complicated, such as a full eternity ring.

  • Estimates are given on a case by case bases, and we will need to see the item for an accurate quote so please do pop in with your ring.

What if it is a surprse?

  • Having a ring re-sized as a surprise is never an easy task! However, one idea is to bring in a ring that you know fits the recepiant and we can take the size from that.

We hope that this ring re-sizing guide has been some help. Please dont hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions.

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